Meet Luke, a re-confirmed bachelor and novice novelist who is still in love with his ex girlfriend. Brady is in a dead end job and has fallen in love with Fred. She is equally smitten but is worried by his love-rat reputation. Ariel is having spiritual dilemmas over her long distance relationship and Angus is just plain nuts.

It’s Valentine’s Day and Luke can’t find the inspiration to complete his horror novel; Brady, having escaped the clutches of a crazy wannabe girlfriend, decides he cannot face another 9 to 5 day and calls in sick. Following a full English breakfast they decide, only one thing to do on a day like this… go to the pub.

What begins as a quiet lunchtime pint escalates, as they are joined by housemates Fred, Angus and Ariel, for an historic pub crawl which will change their lives forever .  


A bad day has never been more fun…


Producer Ben Richards and award winning writer director David Bryant have created a brilliantly funny, engaging and contemporary comedy. The cast is made up of hot new talent that are sure to move on to big things and features wonderful cameo’s by Jane Asher and Uri Geller that will surprise and delight audiences.  

Drunk on Love also features an amazing soundtrack featuring a plethora of emerging indie bands and solo artists putting the film up front in the new wave of Cool Britannia movies that have great potential to become hugely successful.